Ayaspaşa Mosque

The mosque, located in the district of Ayaspaşa in the town center, was built during the time of Grand Vizier Ayas Pasha. It was built of cut stone with a square plan. The three fronts outside the entrance are identical. The cubic body was knitted with a single dome with a pulley and the passages to the dome were provided with arches. There are three small domes above the congregation place on the entrance front. Its minaret is attached to the body and is made of cut stone. The balustrades in the balcony of the minaret located on the northwest side of the building are decorated with reliefs. The minaret is concluded with a semi-circle bracelet. It is partitioned with three different forms. There are relief decorations on it.

Of the four pillars that carry the domes in the congregation place, the middle two are marble and the outer ones are granite. Columns are connected to the main building with tensioners. Two different colors stand out in arch crafting. There are five window openings on three fronts outside the entrance. The windows at the bottom are on the same axis as the upper ones and they are built larger. The upper windows are arched and two-color stonework was used. There is a round window in the middle. At the top end of the facade, a circular cross-section filling decoration and a roof were made. There are no other decorative elements on their facades.

The entrance of the mosque was closed with an aluminum joinery glass around the congregation place with three domes. There are four windows on this front, two at the bottom and two at the top. It has the same structure as the glass on other facades in order and location. From the congregation place, the entrance to the mosque is made through a crown door with three sides. It has a wooden door with two wings. The building inscription of the mosque is at the entrance of it. There is a semi-circle mihrab opposite the entrance, a sermon bench to the left and a pulpit to the right. The walls of the mosque are made of wood with a certain height from the inside, and the walls are plastered and painted. Built on an octagonal structure, the domes are plastered and painted on the inside and lead coated on the outside.

After entering through the door, you can go up to the upper floor with the wooden stairs on the right. There is a muezzin shaft on the left. Over the years, the building has undergone various repairs.

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