Laladere Resort Area

Laladere, one of the places where sultans came to hunt during the Ottoman Empire, is known as the place where the Sultans left their hists on the hunt. Thus, the name of this resort area remained as Laladere. It is within the borders of Saray District of Güngörmez and 13 km from the district center. The area covers of 12.47 hectares. Laladere picnic area, which is a (C) class resort area in 8 km provinces towards the direction of Kıyıköy, is a full day use area with its wide range. There are sitting areas including wooden tables and chairs, playground, football and volleyball sports fields, eating and drinking facilities. Laladere resort area has gained importance as a recreation place especially for day-trippers and those who want to escape from the city for a day. It is considered not only for daily use but also for special days organized by various organizations.

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