Town Hall

Located opposite the Ayaspaşa Mosque in the town center, the building consists of a basement and two regular floors. There are units (warehouse etc.) serving the building in the basement floor. There are rooms and corridors on the ground floor and upstairs for the use of the building. The building is plastered and painted internally and externally. It has a roof of tiles. The entrance of the building is arranged asymmetrically from the south. There is also a service gate to the west. The corridor is in the middle of the building and there are rooms on both sides. The ladder for access to the upper floor is just to the right of the main entrance door. There are jambs around the rectangular windows. The windows are aligned on the lower floor and upper floor. Basement windows are horizontal windows made on the same axis as the windows on the upper floor. Wide eaves of the roof make the building look magnificent. The building was built as a very simple service building and is still used as Saray Town Hall. It has undergone repairs in time and was previously used as a government building.

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