Saray Municipality Covid-19 Period Activity Report

As an institution, we are constantly fighting to overcome this difficult process which our country, city and district have experienced due to the Covid-19 outbreak with minimum damage.

Considering that the greatest measure in the epidemic disease process is social distance and hygiene, we focus especially on these two points throughout the process.

First of all, Saray neighborhood market entrance and exit points were created for Wednesdays when our district has the most active days. Warning signs were placed on the field by pulling strips in order for our citizens to maintain social distance and not to approach the sales products.

 Only food and cleaning products were allowed to sell in the market to reduce human density. Necessary warnings about wearing masks and gloves for market tradesmen were made and related inspections were increased.

In addition, 15 disinfectant points were created for our people to use when they have to go out on the streets.

Hand disinfectant boxes were left at the crossing points near the streets, ATM areas, tradesmen and institutions where the human density is high.

These points are checked by our Constabulary Unit every other day and the continuity of the material is provided.

The streets in our district and all public institutions and organizations are regularly disinfected by us. Social distance emphasis was made on the field by removing the sitting groups and benches in the parks and squares which are people's gathering places.

Various warnings are given to our citizens on the basis of the issues that they should not enter the crowded environments without mask and should pay attention during this process both through the municipal announcements and the Constabulary Department. Our entire focus is on the safety and health of our people, in this time period where the importance of social media is increasing day by day. We regularly share the process from both the Mayor's Office and our Municipality account.

We are in contact with the District Governorship and District Health Directorate during this period when all institutions are using their facilities to the full. Fidelity Coordination team was formed in cooperation with the District Governorate to provide the needs of our citizens over 65 years old and chronic diseases. In addition, all available facilities within our structure are provided to the District Health Directorate.

We provide daily hot meals for our citizens who are our homeless, disabled and unable to cook in the name of social municipality and humanitarian aid. We provide food support to our unemployed and needy citizens in this process, by working in coordination with our Metropolitan Municipality.

In this extraordinary period, which everyday life is disrupted, we created feeding points for street animals and we regularly supply food in these points.

Perhaps the most prominent point that our municipality pays attention to is the psychological support service we offer to our people. Our municipal psychologist gives psychological support to our citizens who call her through the number we share in their social media accounts during working hours. We are ready to continue this service with great effort for children, students and adults in order to survive this process, which affects people from all walks of life, with minimal damage. The activities of meeting places and workplaces falling within the scope of the subject were temporarily stopped as an extension of the measures taken in our country. Necessary notifications were made regarding the number of people allowed in the markets according to their square meters in our district, using masks and disinfectants, complying with the social distance rule, and not allowing children 0-12 years old in these areas. Audits related to the subject are carried out continuously.

We apply this sensitivity in the field with great care in our own structure. We consider those who have chronic illness among our staff as administrative leave.

We have increased the security measures by measuring the body temperatures of citizens coming to our institution and reminding them to wear masks. We carry out free mask distribution under the leadership of our Mayor, who goes down to the field with the teams. We make situation evaluations at regular intervals through teleconference meetings with 11 District Mayor and Metropolitan Mayor throughout Tekirdağ Province in these extraordinary times when we cannot predict how long it will take to be over. We hope to overcome this process in which we mobilize the possibilities for the safety of our district and our people, with minimum damage.

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