Child Love is a Need for Human Love

April, 23th which laid the foundations of the Republic of Turkey and was proclaimed sovereignty, is a significant day in the world that allows children to come together.

   Children of today, children of tomorrow who are our hope we will work with all our strength to leave a beautiful world and a bright future for you where you can continue your life as free individuals.

   Do not forget the following address of Atatürk to you: “littleladies, little gentlemen! All of you are the roses, stars and beacons of happiness in the future! You are the one who will overwhelm the homeland. Think according to how important and precious you are and work accordingly. We expect a lot from you. ”

Our children, who are the guarantee of our future, Happy April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

Bu gurur hepimizin…Ali Naki Erenyol Anadolu Lisesi müzik öğretmenlerimizden Tuğba IŞILDAK TEZCAN’ın yazdığı, Ceren ÇELİK’in bestelediği ve kendilerine ilçemiz öğrencilerinden Furkan COŞKUN'un vokalde eşlik ettiği “UMUDUMUZ 23 NİSAN” şarkısı tüm çocuklarımıza armağan olsun.Emeği geçen herkesi yürekten kutluyoruz.

Saray Municipality Mayor paylaştı: 20 Nisan 2020 Pazartesi
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