We Have Been Struggling Intense Forest Fires In The Last One And A Half Months

4 thousand square meters of area burned in the first forest fire between Safaalan and Pazarcık neighborhood location on Thursday, March 19th, 2020.

For the second time in the same region;

7 thousand square meters in Karatepe area between Safaalan and Küçükyoncalı on Saturday, March 21th, 2020,
4 thousand square metersin Ayvacık (First weekend when curfew started) on Sunday, April 12nd, 2020
13 thousand square metersin AyvacıkDomuzdere location (during the curfew and starting from four different points) 26thApril 2020 Sunday,
90 thousand square meters of area burned in the area between Pınarça and Safaalan on 29th April 2020 Wednesday.

First of all, we would like to state that we are followers of this questionable chain of events.We are in coordination with non-governmental organizations, public institutions and our people on the subject.CHP Tekirdag Member of Parliament İlhamiÖzcanAygun, who is considering the issue scientifically, takes the necessary steps immediately to deepen the investigation.

The teams of the Forestry Regional Directorate in different locations, the fire brigade teams affiliated to our Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality and the forest villagers took part in this struggle during this struggle.We express our gratitude to everyone who participated in this struggle.

I would like to thank the team of the Saray Municipality Science Affairs Directorate and our staff affiliated to our Directorate of Parks and Gardens, who Intervenes in every fire by urgently arriving at the scene, on behalf of all the people of Saray.People of Saray people will never forget this heroic struggle.

Yours sincerely,

Özgen Erkiş
Mayor of Saray

Ayvacık'ta ormanlık alanda çıkan yangına Tekirdağ Büyükşehir Belediyesi itfaiyesi, Orman İşletmesine bağlı itfaiye ekipleri ve Saray Belediyesi'ne ait iş makineleriyle müdahale ediyoruz.

Saray Municipality Mayor paylaştı: 26 Nisan 2020 Pazar
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