Saray Municipality Provides Training to Executive Staff on Problem Solving Technique

Problem solving techniques training was provided by Ali Osman Yaşar to the administrative staff of our municipality, which has rapidly progressed in the institutionalization process.Whether it is a public or private company, wherever a service or product is produced, there is the concept of customers, which brings the concept of waste.Therefore, we learn what is worth for the citizen, if we act by considering the citizen while carrying out the structuring in the establishment.If we set out with this understanding, we take into account the expectations and demands of the citizens we serve while producing our services.We ensure that the scarce resources are used efficiently and waste is prevented while performing these services.

      An educational environment was created where the atmosphere of mutual participation was dominant in the training performed regarding how the expectations of the citizens have changed with globalization, how the staff of the institution should be in a process of change in order to meet these expectations, in fact, everything starts with the person himself to manage this processand what kind of processes and techniques will be followed.The practicality of the team spirit on the business life was experienced in the game played with balloons in the interactive part of the training.Our balloons served as metaphors to experience bilateral communication increasing efficiency in the working environment.Our staff have learned by experiencing that they need to spend extra energy and time when they try to undertake the things that can be done by helping them individually.Education had content that tells us how to keep our inner motivation high in order to keep up with change, to adapt to change, how to integrate ourselves into the new era, which enables the individual to question himself internally, and most importantly, sheds light to act.

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