YuvalıUnder Quarantine

Various measures have been implemented in terms of public health to reduce the rate and area of virus spread by reducing social mobility to manage the risk of ongoing worldwide coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak which the number of infected people increasesrapidly by transmitting very quickly by means of physical contact, breathing, etc.
Although the spread and transmission rate of the virus and the rate of increase in the case has decreased and there has been a tendency to decreasein the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in our province,the case of Yuvalı Neighborhood in Saray District has reached the risk level.
An extraordinary meeting was held at the meeting room of Tekirdağ Governorship at the address of Tekirdağ Governor Aziz YILDIRIM on 23.06.2020 for this purpose in accordance with Article 11 / C of the Provincial Administration Law and Articles 27 and 72 of the Public Sanitary Law.

Sanitary Law.
Covid-19 cases were detected by our District ,it was decidedto implement quarantine measures as of 24.06.2020 in the neighborhood consisting of a total of 60 households and 331 population by closing the entrances and exits of the neighborhood,closing the main road passing through the neighborhood to the entrance to the village and to the transit, considering for those who work outside on leave from their work places, notifying the workplaces, keeping the compulsory agricultural activities of farmers between the ages of
District Directorate

Agriculture and Forestryand to meet the Emergency Health Services with the coordination of the District Health Directorate in order to prevent the transmission of these cases to other neighborhoods, to decrease the spread of the epidemic, to protect the neighborhood and district community health.


Decision No: 58
Decision Date: 23.06.2020


Up to a second order until all of its basic needs are met by Vefa Support Groups within the district governorate in accordance with Articles 27 and 72 of the General Sanitary Law No.
1593, Pursuant to Articles 272 and 72 of the General Sanitary Law, no problems are encountered in practice, no cause of victimization, and administrative fines in accordance with the 282th article of the Public Sanitary Law, and the operation is in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law. Within the scope of article 195 of the Turkish Penal Code regarding the conduct of the court, it was unanimously decided to initiate the necessary judicial proceedings.
İşbu kararlar oy birliği ile alınmıştır.

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