The Health Affairs Unit of Saray Municipality Cleaning Affairs Directorate made a written statement about the mosquitos which is the biggest problem that Saray experiences in the summer months

In order for mosquitoes to breed, wetlands and water are needed.Mosquito lays its eggs in the water and as a result, larvae are formed, which allow them to reproduce.In nine days, the larva becomes herpes.Fighting mosquitoes occurs by spraying wetlands and drying wetlands.Larvae spraying, which is the first step in the fight against mosquitoes in our region, was carried out regularly by Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality in spring.

As Saray Municipality, we carry out spraying (spraying with night smoke) as every year.The source of the problem in the fight against mosquitoes is the effect of almost continuous rain showers every day during June.

 Over 50 kilograms of precipitation fell per square meter during at least half of June.According to the data of the General Directorate of Meteorology Affairs, we received half the amount of our annual precipitation in the last two monthsas Saray District.The larval process has prolongedwith the effect of experiencing the wettest June of the last 82 years.Consequently, the larval disinfection, which was done in spring, has also lost its effect.

On the other hand, there was no chance of spraying herbal medicine in most of June since it would be ineffective during the rain.During this period, the same problem was experienced not only in our district, but almost everywhere in Thrace.

Saray Municipality started to apply uninterrupted sprayingwith the loss of the effect of the precipitation. These works continue without interruption during the night.Our citizens can report the mosquito-dense areas to the People's Desk in our municipality via phone number 0282 768 34 44.We would like to thank all our people for their patience and understanding for this situation which is caused by extraordinary conditions.

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