Inspection Measures Continue in Our District with in the Scope of Covid-19

Coronavirusinspections, organizedwiththemotto "ForHealth, ForAll", werecarriedoutbythe Saray Governor Adnan TEZCAN, Mayor Özgen ERKİŞ andDistrictPoliceDirector Şakir ODA.

The general principles of fightingtheepidemic in theperiod of controlledsocial life, cleaning, mask anddistanceruleswereexplained inthecircular on "InspectionswithintheScope of COVID-19 Measures" sent bytheMinistry of Interiorto 81 ProvincialGovernorships.

It was stated that the measuresto be taken foreach field of activity were determined separatelyandactivitieswerecarriedout with in the frame work of the serulesandmeasures.

Itwasalsostated in thecircularthatinspectionswill be intensifiedaccordingtothewidespreaduse of the "Life Home Fits - SafeArea" system in workplaces, urban  publictransportationvehiclesandcommercialtaxisandthefeedback of citizensevaluatingthecompliancewiththeepidemicrules.Workplaces, urban public transport vehiclesandcommercialtaxisthatarefoundtocomplywiththerulesspecified in theinspectionforms of ourMinistryandMinistry of Health Covid-19 Outbreak Management andStudy Guide will be giventheSafeArea logo in ordertorewardandencourageworkplacesthatcomplywiththeas a result of threeconsecutiveaudits.

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