Turkey Coronavirus in General Comprehensive Audit to be performed

A circular on "Covid-19 Measures Control" was sent to 81 Provincial Governorships. In the circular, in the controlled social life period within the scope of combating the coronavirus epidemic, compliance with the measures / rules determined for all business lines and living areas as well as cleaning, mask and distance rules and the supervision carried out in the coordination of governors / district governors.

In this case;

On Thursday, October 1, 2020, in all provinces and districts, governors, district governors, mayors, managers and staff of relevant public institutions and organizations, village / neighborhood mukhtars, professional chambers, general law enforcement units (police, gendarmerie, coast guard) and private law enforcement by teams formed with the participation of officials (police, private security, etc.) Sağlık İçin Hepimiz İçinmottosu ile yaşamın tüm alanlarını kapsayacak şekilde genel denetimleri gerçekleştirilecek.

588/5000 -These controls; Especially with local and intercity public transportation vehicles, restaurants, cafes, restaurants, accommodation facilities, shopping centers, market places, high society markets, coffee house, coffee house, tea garden, wedding ceremonies, barber / It will be planned to include hairdressers / beauty centers, internet cafes / salons and electronic playgrounds, bus stations, commercial taxis, taxi stands, park / picnic areas, amusement parks / theme parks and all living areas (beaches, streets and streets, etc.).

- The main streets, shopping areas, parks and gardens, bus stations, etc. The emphasis will be on whether workplaces such as nightclubs, nightclubs, pavilions, pubs, which are not allowed to operate within the framework of previous circulars, are actually kept open, whether music is broadcast after 24.00, and whether the obligation of HEPP Code is complied with in intercity public transportation.

Guiding and Awareness Raising Activities for Citizens will be Emphasized in Inspections

- Inspection teams will be determined by taking into account the expertise of each business line or place, and to be composed of the representatives of the relevant public institutions and organizations (law enforcement, local administrations, Provincial / District Directorates, etc.) village / neighborhood mukhtars and professional associations. During the inspections, special attention will be paid to whether the rules of cleaning, masks and physical distance are followed in events (wedding ceremonies, funerals, condolences, etc.) and places (beaches, streets and streets, parking areas, etc.) where citizens can come together in crowds.

- Effectiveness and visibility of audit activities will be kept at the highest level.

During the inspections, activities for guiding and raising awareness will be focused on citizens.

- For non-continuous violations arising from instant implementations, which can be removed immediately, the first violation warnings, administrative fines in the second violation, 1 day for the third violation for the workplace, commercial taxi and public transportation, and 3 days for the fourth violation will be sent to the local administrative authority.

- The penalties to be determined by the Provincial / District General Hygiene Rules for violations that pose a serious risk to public health and create continuity or insist on acts against the rules / precautions

- By ensuring the coordination between local governments, general law enforcement agencies, public institutions and organizations, village / neighborhood mukhtars and professional chambers, necessary planning will be made by the Governors and District Governors.

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