Atatürk in Saray

Thursday, August 19th, 1937

Those who saw the cars entering Saray one after another realized that Atatürk was coming. The news was immediately scattered around the town, and there was a rush around.

Atatürk chose the dark shade of the mulberry tree behind the town hall that day, rested there, and was offered buttermilk and corn. The people around filled the area in a short time and immediately formed a ring of l affection.

Everyone held his breath, listening and watching him carefully. All the attention was on him. They stared at his posture, clothes, speeches, golden blond hair, and watched drinking ayran. On that day, the people of Saray painted what they saw into their hearts and engraved them into their memories.


After the First World War, powerful empires collapsed and were replaced by nation states. The most important problems as result of the First World War were these new nation states.

Especially in the countries defeated at the end of the First World War, the problems caused by the war’s results dragged the governments of the nations towards fascism and totalitarian administrations.

Show of force and threats of totalitarian regimes on the one hand, Hatay issue on the other hand, the young Republic of Turkey was forced to be better prepared in the military field.

Thrace Maneuvers were very important in this situation and an important maneuver for intimidating the enemy.

Great Leader Atatürk followed Thrace Maneuvers. During the maneuvers, Atatürk visited the settlements in the region and embraced its people.

Republic of Turkey's founder Ataturk visited our district on August 19th, 1937 and left people of Saray honor and pride that will last until eternity.

Nations that do not know their past or cannot make the necessary inferences from their past can ever be the leading country.

This moment and relief was built by the Saray Municipality in order to carry the visit of the Great Leader Atatürk to our Saray to eternity.


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